Step 2 - Planning

The DFS Green team of Well Accredited Professionals will develop a strategy for your unique workplace environment and requirements.

Identify & Define

Once our site assessment is completed, we customize a Workplace Health program that takes into consideration our clients’ facility objectives, budgets, and workflow logistics.

The facility health plan will include the following protocols:

  • Proactive disinfection and enhanced cleaning services by DFS Green trained and certified Technicians to ensure facility surfaces and conditions do not carry harmful levels of bio contaminants.
  • As part of our preventative holistic facility health solutions, we will review the janitorial surface cleaning scope, frequency, and products and provide instructions, guidance, modifications, and training as necessary.
  • Situational planning for outbreak or health crisis events.
  • Testing surface health conditions for bio contaminants on a regular basis to monitor and verify the efficacy of the holistic cleaning and disinfecting program.

Regardless of the facility type or whether our services are preventative in nature or reactive to a crisis, we strictly adhere to the highest industry standards. All our service protocols are guaranteed to exceed the standards of the CDC, EPA, OSHA, and WHO, and we guarantee compliance with the specifications of the Well Building Standard, a rating system which focuses exclusively on the impacts of buildings on human health and wellness.

Even though our Workplace Health plans are each customized to fit the needs of a particular client, all of our programs share two common denominators:

  • Every facility service program is founded upon diagnostics and test measurements which provide us with scientific data-driven input and feedback; and
  • Every facility service program will meet or exceed the standards of all governing authorities, including the CDC, EPA, OSHA, and WHO, and the Well Building Standard.