Step 4 - Monitoring

Once the assessment and planning phases have been completed, and our service solutions are implemented, the final stage of a DFS Workplace Health program relies on Outcome Monitoring of evidence-based results to measure the effectiveness of our clients’ Workplace Health initiatives and policies.

Ongoing Evaluation

We measure bio organism levels periodically on the surfaces in our clients’ workplaces which provides us with scientific health data which we evaluate and manage with our clients. This evidence-driven process enables us to continually improve facility health conditions and to ensure our clients’ employees are safe in their workplace.

It is understood that all employers have both the obligation and legal responsibility to provide a “safe and healthful” working environment for their employees. While this appears to be a straightforward goal, the complexities of current regulations combined with the multitude of hazardous materials in today’s workplaces can make simple and cost-effective solutions to safety and health problems elusive.

Workplace Health Dashboard

Upon completion of our Preventative Service Program, DFS will provide our clients with an easy to follow Information Dashboard that will track key performance indicators to assure that your workplace will remain safe for employees, customers and clients. The dashboard will also help indicate whether additional treatments might be necessary as well as any hotspots that will require additional mitigation.

Our Workplace Health dashboard supports facility managers and others in your organization, and provides the quick overview that decision makers need to monitor the health and opportunities of the business.