Diagnostics + Solutions

DFS Green provides holistic facility service solutions designed to safeguard employee health through a stepped approach.

Step 1 – Assessment

The foundation of our facility health program and design is data-driven by diagnostics and measurement tools, including ATP hygiene monitoring systems, UV tracing and imaging, and IAQ meters. The scientific data gathered by our Well Accredited Professionals is reviewed and analyzed with our clients, and those results drive our recommendations for the frequency and type of services necessary to produce tangible evidence of a facility’s health conditions.

Step 2 – Planning

Once our site assessment is completed, we customize a Workplace Health program that takes into consideration our clients’ facility objectives, budgets, and workflow logistics.

Step 3 – Implementation

An effective Workplace Health program must combine Enhanced Cleaning with the disinfecting of facility surfaces in order to effectively kill pathogens and minimize the presence of bio contaminants.

Step 4 – Monitoring

Once the assessment and planning phases have been completed, and our service solutions are implemented, the final stage of a DFS Workplace Health program relies on Outcome Monitoring of evidence-based results to measure the effectiveness of our clients’ Workplace Health initiatives and policies. We measure bio organism levels periodically on the surfaces in our clients’ workplaces which provides us with scientific health data which we evaluate and manage with our clients.

This evidence-driven process enables us to continually improve facility health conditions and to ensure our clients’ employees are safe in their workplace.